Corporate Polo Shirts

Need new corporate polo shirts for your business? Embroidered polo shirts are the perfect solution for your corporate polo needs.


Pick from Our Wide Range

From professional business polos to sports and hi-vis polos, we can find you the perfect corporate polo shirts for your business, whatever the industry. We cater to most sectors, thanks to clothing and promotional items in categories such as (but not limited to):

  • PPE
  • Health and hospitality
  • Stationery
  • Workwear and corporate wear
  • Teamwear
  • Bags and hats

For your embroidered polo shirts, we offer an exceptional variety, so you’ll find something suitable for your specific niche. Thanks to our wide range you can also find accessories like headwear to match!

Browse our range of ready-to-wear custom embroidered corporate polo shirts in a wide range of colours, sizes and fits. Find the perfect embroidered polo shirts to match your company or team’s needs, and make the right first impression from now on.

Why Invest in Corporate Polo Shirts?

Corporate clothing is an investment with multiple returns:

  • Unify the team: Something as simple as clothing can give your team an impressive, unified look, all thanks to matching custom corporate polo shirts and embroidered logo polo shirts.
  • Branding: Effortlessly increase brand visibility whilst looking professional in embroidered corporate polos from We Promote You.
  • Timeless: Corporate polo shirts suit everyone and never go out of style, so take advantage of brand visibility by putting your logo onto some embroidered polo shirts. Your team can wear them for a long time, without seeming out of touch with modern trends. Corporate polo shirts can show your audience you move with the times.
  • Versatile and easy maintenance: The high-tech fabrics of corporate polos make them easy to take care of and accommodate a wide range of working environments and conditions.

No matter whether your team is based – office or working outdoors – let’s help you design the perfect embroidered polo shirts.

Our Embroidered Polo Shirts will Suit Your Goals and Budget

Looking for the best deal on polo embroidery in Sydney? We offer exceptional quality in embroidered logo polo shirts, while also keeping prices reasonable. Our experts can help you choose the right materials, colours and finishes that will be most beneficial for your purpose.

What Does Your Business Need?

Whether you’re looking for men’s corporate polos, women’s corporate polos, contrast or plain corporate polo shirts – we have it! We can also source products from any leading promotional suppliers.

Need a particular type of corporate branding? We can help you find corporate custom embroidered polo shirts that will positively impact the team and your brand.

Showrooms Open to the Public

Want to sample our polos to check sizes, fabrics and colours before opting for polo embroidery? Visit one of our two massive showrooms in Castle Hill or Blacktown, Sydney. Come and experience the premium quality of our suppliers’ embroided polo shirts before you order.

Experts are available to advise on which products or corporate polo shirts are best suited for your brand.

Boost Your Business with Quality Corporate Polo Shirts

Design an attractive corporate polo shirt that your staff will be excited to wear! Make it happen in a few simple steps:

  • Browse the range of embroidered polo shirts and corporate polos below.
  • Get some guidance or design advice for your corporate embroided polo shirts — talk to our experts about custom embroidery Sydney’s businesses have come to trust.
  • Place your order or request a quote.

Embroidered logo polo shirts can set you apart in your industry. Let’s make it happen.