Custom workwear and Safety Workwear for Sale in Sydney

We Promote You have all of your custom work shirts and safety workwear needs covered

Safety workwear is all about practicality – visibility, easy identification, durability and a good fit. The most important thing in any busy workplace or on any busy worksite is that workers can safely and comfortably do their job, stay protected from the sun and elements if necessary, and have a unified team look. Give your team a unified look onsite with custom workwear, such as custom work shirts and polos.

We Promote You have a large range of durable and hi-vis custom workwear available to ensure your team look their best whilst also remaining safe. If you want to give your team a more unified and professional look, consider custom embroidered work shirts or personalised workwear. You can add your logo and team details to the fabric just above the pocket of custom work shirts, as well as team or site details if necessary. Custom workwear like this gives an instantly cohesive look to any group of workers, making a real impact amongst the team, as well as when workers are off-site. All of our custom workwear and custom printed work shirts can be embroidered and customised to a certain extent – Take a look at our individual product pages for details.

Of course, employee visibility and protection is the number one priority when it comes to safety workwear. Our entire range of custom workwear and custom embroidered workwear is designed to meet regulatory standards in terms of colour, hi-vis strips, fabric quality and more. If you have a particular need for your workplace – for example, layering flexibility for an outdoor environment, or different outfits for day and night, we can help. We’ve got all of your custom personalised workwear needs, from basic hi-vis safety vests and printed work shirts to all-weather 5-in-1 jackets. Effortlessly increase team and brand visibility with custom work shirts and custom workwear from We Promote You. 

Not sure what type of custom work shirt or safety workwear you’re after? We’re happy to provide assistance and advice over the phone. Remember, we provide discounts on bulk orders, so it could be much more affordable than you think to give your team a whole new look. Browse our range of embroidered work shirts, personalised workwear, custom hi-vis workwear, printed work shirts, tradewear clothing, and customisable PPE below.